In the article Antioxidants | Antioxydants I mentioned "superfoods". Dans l’article Antioxidants | Antioxydants j’ai mentionné les « superfood ». These are foods that have high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and provide a supplement of other nutrients (proteins, fibres, good fats, etc) to your diet. Indeed, Nutrition plays a major in the body’s enzymatic defenses against free radicals. … Continue reading Superfood

Antioxidants | Antioxydants

They are substances inhibiting oxidation leading to cell deterioration and they prevent the development of health issues and diseases. They help to the body detoxification and also slow aging process and give a glowing skin. Ce sont des substances qui préviennent l’oxydation cellulaire qui mène à la détérioration cellulaire et qui préviennent le développement de … Continue reading Antioxidants | Antioxydants

Vitamins and minerals | Vitamines et minéraux

Vitamins and minerals are substances, which are totally organic and considered to be essentials, in small amounts, to sustain life. Les vitamines et minéraux sont des substances qui sont organiques et considérés essentiels, en petite quantité, pour le fonctionnement de notre organisme. They must be obtained from food or supplements for they are generally not … Continue reading Vitamins and minerals | Vitamines et minéraux

Proteins | Protéines (Pour le français aller plus bas) Proteins play an important role in most of the biological processes in our body. Essentially in transport and storage of nutrients. They provide the essential amino acids (must be consumed through the diet as the body doesn’t synthesise them, in contrast with non-essential amino acids synthesised in the body) that are required … Continue reading Proteins | Protéines